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Creating Conversations that Matter

Creating Conversations that Matter is more than a tagline, it is how we approach our business. Our heritage is helping clients generate conversations with key stakeholder groups that provide actionable information to help increase their success. We deliver this through innovative information tools that tap the latest technology and trends.

Leede understands that marketing is changing literally daily. Information has become a key focal point in marketing and it is gathered throughout the marketing and customer experience process. We work to help clients leverage internal information and assess external audiences. This work is custom designed but based on a strong history of experience across key industry verticals.

We offer a full range of gathering formats including mixed-mode work, bringing together online and telephone interviewing to create a stronger sample. We have sophisticated targeting and appending tools that can create greater focus on the front end of a project and greater analysis on the back. We have access to over 20 appending partners in a variety of categories providing third party information.

Leede can be your partner for the future.

  • Experience

    For 40 years, leaders at top companies have relied on Leede.

  • Project Management

    We take time to understand all of your needs from your objectives, to timelines, budget and deliverables.

  • Specialty Audiences

    We specialize in engaging hard-to-reach populations of consumers and professionals.

  • Recruiting

    2022 marks 40 years that we've been working side-by-side with our clients, often on very tight timelines, to deliver the best recruits.

  • Panel Access

    Access the top consumer panels across the nation, accessing more than 19 million households and B2B panels in 38 different countries.

Leede Continues AI Journey

AI is becoming a significant factor in market research, being used in both qualitative and quantitative environments to cut time, reduce costs and deepen information deliverables.  Leede has been testing different tools and partnerships to make sure their clients have the best information possible.

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Leede Testing Artificial Intelligence

Leede has announced that it has begun testing and experimenting with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its research programs and services.

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Leede Completes National Outdoor Power Equipment Screening

Outdoor Power Equipment is changing at a pace unheard of in its history. As the evolution is underway from traditional gas engines to battery power and even EV’s and robots, the industry is seeing new products and brands that had never been part of this segment.

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For 40 years, leaders at top companies have relied on our creative problem-solving expertise again and again to uncover the insights needed to market with confidence.