Respondent Bill of Rights

Your rights as a participant in market research

We value your participation in market research studies and want you to find the experience valuable as well. Out of respect for you and the process we pledge to honor these respondent bill of rights:

  • You will be treated with respect and professional courtesy in all of your participation activities. You will never be judged.
  • Your responses, opinions, ideas, suggestions--ALL of your communications regarding the study you are participating in--will be kept private.
  • None of your personal information will be disclosed to anyone outside the research project without your permission.
  • Our privacy policy is posted here. You may request information on policies that specifically apply to your study.
  • You have a right to know the general purpose for your study and the researcher(s) involved.
  • You'll never be solicited for a sale or asked for any money.
  • Any audio or video recordings of your participation will be announced to you in advance and we will let you know the intended use of these recordings.
  • We'll need to contact you periodically and you have the right to ask us to reschedule that contact if it's at an inconvenient time for you.
  • Your participation in, or withdrawal of, studies is entirely up to you. You will not be pressured either way.