Leede Research has been on the cutting-edge of the evolution of the outdoor power equipment category.  We have worked with clients on product development and the battery revolution sweeping the industry.  We have helped clients implement smart tools and technology into their products to better serve professionals and harness the power of information.  Leede offers superior information access to both B2B and B2C audiences:



Several years ago, when we could not find strong online resources to access key professionals, we began the process of building relationships with national landscape professionals.  That process has generated what we believe to be the largest online community to access landscapers.  Based on client needs and requests, we are in the process of expanding this to include a variety of construction professionals who use specialty equipment in their work.  We continue to grow this panel and have access to thousands of targets and have identified key partner resources for specialty needs.

Leede and our clients benefit from a trusted relationship with these targets.  They know we offer stipends to complete legitimate projects to help develop the next generation of products and services to their industry and professionals like themselves.  This can include both quantitative and qualitative programs.


The speed of change in outdoor power is unprecedented.  Consumers are migrating to battery options in much of this equipment to address both product and environmental advantages.  The advance of battery technology has generated new competitors in the space as consumers leverage experience and brands they trust in traditional power tools.  Clients told Leede they need an efficient and cost-effective resource to reach key target groups and understand related needs.

Finding faster, more cost-effective solutions is how we built our business. Leede now offers a screened and targeted consumer panel with key information in the following areas:

  • Yard Size & Care Responsibilities
  • Lawn Care Equipment & Brands
  • Snow & Ice Care Equipment & Brands
  • Handheld Equipment & Brands
  • Purchase Intent & Channels – Price & Timing
  • Battery Conversion & Adoption


We invite you to be part of the Leede Research Landscape & Construction Advisory Panel. This panel represents a select group of landscapers who will represent your industry as a whole. We will occasionally invite you to participate in online surveys and other market research from leading brands related to your business. We respect and value your time and will only contact you when we feel you are a strong match for the work being conducted!

These surveys can be done at any time convenient to you. If you qualify and complete our surveys, you will be paid for your participation, with amounts typically ranging from $25 to $100!

If you are interested, please click the link below, and the following 3-minute survey will help us identify what surveys you might add value to, and how you could influence future products and services.

We thank you in advance for your time!

L&C Panel Resources

Outdoor Power Equipment Capabilities

Panel Highlights

Trusted Access

Panelists know and trust Leede.

Deep Targeting

Leede has deep screening for accurate incidence identification.

National Reach

Our panels span the nation, balanced by Census Region.

Still Growing

We continue to grow and qualify both Panels.